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NCIS designs, installs and integrates cutting-edge technology to meet even the most unique communications needs. It’s our mission to provide long term value for your infrastructure with simple, scalable and sustainable fibre that nurtures future innovation and growth.

Ensuring the ageing members of our society remain connected to friends and family is very important to us. We’re experts in the aged care sector, having developed a strong understanding of residential aged care facilities and their unique needs.

Our friendly team at NCIS Group strive to create a difference as your technology partner, respecting your core values and working hard to maximise your value.

Our GPON IP transport layer enables services to be fully integrated into the network. Our emphasis on integration stands us ensuring you get the most out of your communications set-up.

Our GPON solution delivers the highest performing and most sustainable fibre optic infrastructure for your Integrated Communications Network (ICN).

By consolidating Communication, Entertainment and Building Services Networks, you can appreciate reduced capital and operational expenditure, increase your workplace productivity, empower scalability as your organisation grows and enables you to keep up with the unknown technological demands of the future.

We’re passionate about digital technology. We believe it has the potential to transform Aged Care, having seen first-hand how the latest IP and GPON fibre technology can be used to enhance quality of life, quality of care and value for residents, staff and management.

Dean Beaumont

With 25 years’ business development and service management experience, Dean has been a disruptive force in getting our GPON solution in front of innovative and skilled industry leaders. Dean’s ability to foster professional, consultative and collaborative relationships, has been instrumental in the moulding of NCIS Group, into a dynamic and lean team. With a passionate, customer-centric approach, his skill in recognising the needs of each sector has helped develop innovative solutions for our clients. Dean’s knowledge, gained from comprehensive analysis and understanding, has enabled him to advise clients on how disruptive technologies can be applied, to solve unique business issues. This has empowered many organisations to innovate, reduce risk and address business challenges with confidence.