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Healthcare Recruitment

Comment in response to the Royal Commission

Kate Smeaton Healthcare Recruitment has established partnerships with clients and supplies quality staff to meet increasing levels of care required in the Aged Care sector. Excellent communication skills and valuable networks provide insights into current industry challenges. Candidates are career oriented leaders and experienced managers, who register through my referral base. The Royal Commission has highlighted quality and education and has acknowledged the complexity of care within the industry. Kate Smeaton listens and will source the right people for your team.

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Kate Smeaton Healthcare Recruitment provides Executive Personnel to the Health & Aged Care sectors. Select placement of management staff at clinical levels and workforce support staff.

Long term proven 99% success rate in retained candidates.

Kate Smeaton

Working in Aged Care is a privilege and whilst my days are spent having extended conversations with clients and candidates, I enjoy every minute that takes me into their clinical world and sharing their great success stories. Aged Care is a passion that requires vocation and strength…these are the qualities I look for and identify with, they help me relate to the clients and candidates that I work with every day. I aim for the ‘right fit’ every time!