The COVID-Safe network of the future

Internet technology is make or break in this pandemic.
COVID-19 has thrust Aged Care into an era of great technological change. The Aged Care facilities with NCIS’s exceptional GPON communications infrastructure continue to come out on top, while those who’ve relied on legacy infrastructure or slow disparate systems lag behind.

The migration to internet technologies, advancements e-Health and the virtual connectivity have been the saving grace for Aged Care providers in the pandemic, proving just how vital it is to have robust commercial-grade communications infrastructure.

What is NCIS Group’s GPON solution?
The NCIS GPON (Gigabit Passive Optical Network) Solution provides organisations with a safe and reliable network infrastructure that connects to IP building services, enabling the control and integration of third party building systems like IP Security, IP Nurse Call, Lighting Control, Energy Metering, BMS, alongside standard systems like VoIP, Data, WAPs, IP MATV.

e-Health offers opportunities for advanced virus detection
Organisations with advanced communications infrastructure can turn residents’ rooms into pandemic-safe health hubs. They can monitor and check residents’ vital health information from afar, helping reduce issues with social distancing. Everything from residents’ temperatures, to their activity levels and heart rates can be accessed remotely and in real time. This ensures anything abnormal can be detected as it emerges, assisting facilities to notice and contain a potential COVID-19 outbreak before it can spread out of control.

Connectivity is crucial to mental health
Keeping elderly residents safe in a pandemic sadly means reducing residents’ contact with their loved ones, staff and other residents. This has left many elderly people feeling lonely, isolated and disconnected. Connectivity via video calling and other internet services have the potential to reduce this social isolation and increase connection between residents and families.

Unfortunately, COVID-19 has placed immense stress on Australia’s public internet network, causing delays and outages in Aged Care facilities across the country. Many providers have found their facilities do not have the bandwidth to support basic applications like FaceTime, Skype or even mobile phone calls. By investing in high quality tele-communications technology, facilities can strengthen connection between residents and families, bridging the distance between loved ones. This can have a massive impact on mental health for those who need it most – increasing overall happiness in a time where it is uncertain when residents will next see their families or friends.

Key benefits for Aged Care

  1. Enhanced quality of life
    Feature-rich entertainment and enhanced social connectivity to keep residents in touch with their loved ones.
  2. Improved resident care opportunities
    Have the ability for live doctor-to-patient video conferencing, remote monitoring, analysis, cloud-based services and work with big data.
  3. Strong facility & network security
    Ironclad protection against network security breaches as well as safely managing those who can come in and out of the Aged Care facility.
  4. Space, efficiency & cost savings
    Quality infrastructure that takes up less physical space, increases workflow and reduces capital and operational expenditure.
  5. Future-proofing
    Residents can ‘age in place’ with highly sustainable infrastructure that migrates smoothly to network solutions of the future.

Thermal Intercom Camera Technology
Through our partners Alexys, NCIS are delivering cutting-edge thermal intercom technology. Facilities can now block entry to those who are at high risk of carrying the virus with two-in-one access control device that combines face recognition and fever screening. When the device detects a person with a possible fever or the absence of a mask, an alert can be triggered to deny access, improving a facility’s ability to minimise potential COVID-19 breaches.

Leading the way in Aged Care IT and GPON technology. At NCIS, we deliver reliable and efficient communications solutions that transform Aged Care providers’ capabilities, setting them up for the future advancements in their industry. For more information please contact Dean Beaumont at NCIS GROUP on 0426 426 256 or

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