We wish you a Merry Commission Christmas and where are the missing 24xxx Home care packages?

The Royal Commission into Quality and Safety in Aged Care has been the central issue in aged care in 2019 so we thought it appropriate to end the year with our Chairman’s thoughts on where we are heading. Pride Living has made two submissions to the Royal Commission and produced a podcast on the interim report.

The first submission highlights a number of policy changes that will directly enhance the sustainability of the sector. The second submission shows that the 10,000 additional packages announced by the Prime Minister in Nov, will not solve the problem of access to home care. The modelling suggests that the queue will actually grow by 17,000 vulnerable older people who need care supports.

The podcast contains an interesting case study on how one residential provider is shifting their business model to respond to the consumer preference to delay entry into residential care as long as possible.

Submission on Sustainability Aged Care

Submission on Analysis of Extra Places Allocated

In closing let me thank you for your support of ACAN events in 2019, we look forward to delivering you more valuable luncheon insights in 2020. Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

Chairman ACAN

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