3 tips on how to sell the benefits of Additional Services in Aged Care.

How to sell the benefits of Additional Services in Aged Care.

If you’re an aged care facility that’s recently expanded your offering to include extra services like premium accommodation, enhanced menu choices or special excursions, you’re not alone. We’ve seen first-hand how these new options can provide benefits above what’s already included in residents’ care. We know that it can be a tough sell, but with the right strategy and emotional attachment, you can encourage the extra spend from your residents.
Need help selling your additional services? Look no further – we’ve assisted many facilities to communicate these benefits to their clients and have compiled some tips to help you:

1  It’s all in the language

With the right language, additional services will seem like an exciting opportunity for residents to diversify and personalise their care. But with the wrong language, the new fees might seem like you’re just increasing costs. Avoid numbers and legal speak when you can, while keeping your message positive, inclusive and in line with your overall brand identity. For example, if you’re a larger, more luxurious facility, you might market additional services as “premium” or “hotel-style” amenities, while a smaller, lower-cost facility might offer these as “personalised” or “custom” services.

2  Offer benefits, not just services

Avoid simply producing a list of services and handing these to residents to buy. Instead, you should align each service with a special benefit and connect it to an intrinsic emotional need. For example; why would one of your residents pay extra for additional, personalised outings when regular outings are free? It’s probably not because they dislike the outings currently on offer, but because they crave the freedom to choose. These are the insights that sell, so don’t be shy to go below the surface.

3  Make your information accessible

Once you’ve crafted your message and gotten to the bottom of the benefits of your new services, you’ll need to distribute this information to your clients. The best way to yield sales is through a multi-channel approach that cannot be missed by residents or families. We suggest the following communications strategy to help optimise the reach of your information:
•Send your mailing list an informational email about your new services and follow up on this
•Update your website information
•Create a printed brochure, information card flier and distribute this throughout the facility
•Design a bound booklet to be kept as reading material at your reception
Does your facility need some help crafting a unique sales strategy for selling additional services? Merryn Bourne Creative will work closely with you to help you create the right message. For more information, please get in contact merryn@merrynbournecreative.com.au
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